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Maybe you can already tell, but we do things differently around here. Our mission is simple – to inspire, engage and connect. We believe it’s that extra little bit of love we put into everything we do that helps us create unique and unforgettable experiences.

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It all started over 100 years ago with a little-known brand called Budweiser.

The Beginning
Adolphus Busch arrives in the U.S. as a German immigrant in 1857. By 1861, he marries Lilly Anheuser, the daughter of a local businessman. After serving in the Union Army during the Civil War, Adolphus starts working at his father-in-law's brewery, where he begins to build a brand that will go on to be an American institution - Budweiser is born.
Hodde Bros Established
By 1878, there's such demand for Anheuser-Busch outside of St. Louis that the brewery begins shipping by refrigerated railcar. Back then, beer was shipped by the barrel and bottled later. Cut to 1915, when Henry and Peter Hodde (sons of Helena Busch) launch the Hodde Bros Beverage Company - Detroit's first Budweiser distributor.
Prohibition Hits
The Volstead Act is passed in 1920, and a 14-year-long nationwide ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages begins. (Dang it! Right when they got things cookin'!) Hodde Bros pivots operations at its bottling plant to begin mixing and selling soda pop. Their namesake soda "Hodde Dew" becomes a popular drink in the Detroit area.
Squirt Arrives in Michigan
In 1941, the Hodde Bros head west to Glendale, CA to purchase the recipe for Squirt, a new grapefruit soda that's been gaining traction in the Southwest. They bring it home and begin offering the soda to the greater Detroit area. By 1950, Squirt will become a household name and a popular mixer in cocktails.
A Family Tradition
After serving in the Air Force in World War II, Peter's son James "Bud" Hodde arrives home to Detroit and joins the Hodde Bros operation. A family tradition is born.

Bud would go on to become the President & CEO of Hodde Bros Beverage Company and lead it through the next several decades.
The Soda Years
Hodde Bros continues to bottle and distribute Squirt in Michigan throughout the 50s and 60s. By 1970, Bud is the only surviving Hodde family member involved in day-to-day operations. He carries on the business himself until 1977, when Brooks Products buys the Squirt brand and begins selling it nationally.
The Tradition Continues
In 2014, Darci Kendall (granddaughter of James Hodde) quits her corporate gig to focus on what she loves... making delicious drinks. Spurred by her boozy family history, she relaunches Hodde Bros as a beverage catering company. HB opens to great success, and within a year begins working with renowned brands at national events.
The Bar is Open
In 2017, Darci and her husband James expand operations and (with expert guidance from James's dad) convert a vintage 1968 Airstream Land Yacht into a mobile bar and modular event activation space. Designing and building the 12-foot LED bar is the easy part! Learning how to back it into a parking spot takes longer.
Just like Prohibition, the COVID pandemic forces Hodde Bros to pivot once again. By April of 2020, the business is offering its first virtual experiences, including happy hours and mixology classes. Today, our "Shake & Sip" Happy Hours, Virtual Mixology Classes, and "Think While You Drink" trivia sessions remain a core part of our services.
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